Burda Challenge 2015. March 2006 #107.

20150329_16520020150329_165224I managed to just squeeze in my March challenge.

Life has been quite hectic around here, what with getting ready for the big day June 20th.  My youngest daughter gets married that day, and we are having the wedding here at home.  Phew.

Anyway, these pants are my Burda challenge.  They are made from a black stretch cord from my stash.  It’s very hard to photograph black, so you can’t really see details.  I like the fit.  I had to add quite a bit to the back crotch to waist seam.  I took an inch out on the back just below the seat.  They are very comfortable.  I have a lot of trouble making pants to fit me and I am just learning how to take photos with my phone.  Not as easy as everyone makes it look.

Now I’m going to make the Camas Blouse.


My first Grainline Studios Archer finished (well, almost)

Grainline ArcherI’ve finished my Grainline Archer.  I have to say, I don’t think I’ve made a pattern from a big pattern company that went together as smoothly as this one.  I can see what everyone was raving about.  This one was made from thrifted fabrics, so I’m not sure of the content.  It looks like a chambray, but not sure if its 100% cotton.  I was short two covered buttons for the cuffs, so I have to pick some up and then it will truly be complete.

I’ve also purchased the Linden Sweatshirt, and can’t wait to give it a try.  I’ve seen so many wonderful makes on Instagram.  Fabricland was having one of their large sales, so I’ve stocked up on fabrics to try it out.

New fabric

I also have to decide on a February pattern for the 2015 Burda challenge.

It’s so nice having a sewing room again.





Burda Challenge 2015


I’m going to do my best to do this challenge.  I’ve had a subscription to Burda for quite some time.  I let it expire in 2012, because I just wasn’t finding the time to make anything.  Now that my sewing room is done, I thought this challenge would be a good way to get some use out of my magazines.  I am going to to the any year option, rather than go with the  January 2015 issue.

Burda 2005 - #125 I thought I might try this pattern.

First,  have to finish the cuffs, hem and add buttons to my Grainline Archer.


Well, I guess we’re building our own kitchen cabinets!

We’re doing a kitchen reno, and that means tearing everything out and starting from scratch.  We went to price out cabinets, and, holy cow!  They were going to be $15,000.00 big smackeroos.  That is more than 1/2 our budget, so out of the question.

We’ve decided we will have to build them ourselves.  Luckily, my husband does come from a family of woodworkers.

We purchased a very cool tool called a Kreg Foreman. http://www.elitetools.ca/en/product/foreman-pocket-hole-machine-kreg-db210-5429/.

I haven’t tried this one yet, but I have been practicing with the smaller Kreg Jig.  I’ve made a work bench, and now I am working on making my daughter a rolling island for her kitchen.  It’s not perfect yet (need to working on making things square) but it’s getting there.  I have to say, I really love the process.

I have to mention, when I went to use my Kreg Jig, someone had been into the box and took a bunch of the pieces.  I contacted the company to see if they had replacement parts for the items missing.  Next thing I know I have a parcel at my door containing all of the pieces I listed, no charge.  Is that customer service, or what?

This whole thing started with replacing our door.  I found this incredible door on a used building supply site.  My wonderful hubby shows up with it about a week later.  It’s one of those things that every time you pass, you have to stop and admire it.


A little trim, and it’s going to be perfect.  Can’t wait.

The one thing about doing all these renos, is my sewing room has been moved about 4 times.  I have to move it one more time to get the flooring done, but then it will go back and stay there.

I Really Like Cigarette Pants

I’m not sure if they’re great for my body type, but I’m going ahead with some anyway.

I chose the Ralph Pink Cigarette Pants http://ralphpink-patterns.com/product/rp024/.   They were reasonably priced, a PDF file, so instant gratification.  They are size US 6 to US 14.  I’m making the 12 because I read a review that said they ran a little large.  The muslin seemed to be okay in the 12.

As I seem to be very frugal, I’m making them out of a pair of men’s wool pants, which I scored at the thrift store for $3.99.  This is a learning process for me because I should have been a little more careful taking the waistband off the pants.  I think I will be able to squeeze it out, but  there is no extra fabric anywhere for mishaps.

I’m also learning a new skill.  Welt pockets.  I think this will take some practice to make these look really good.  Until then, I guess I will wear long tops.  Sigh.  The instructions with the pattern seem to be pretty good.  The only thing I did was add a piece of fashion fabric to the back pocket lining so you can’t see the pocket lining if it opens a bit.  I definitely won’t be getting top marks on this one.

I’ve also tried some pictures, but I clearly need to get better at photography.  Anyway, here is a pic of the back pockets.  20140825_073350

I tried them on and had my daughter have a critical look at them.  She thought they looked great,  I just need to let them out just a tad to reduce the wrinkles in the front (or lose a bit of weight).  In all, I really like this pattern.  I have tried making pants from a lot of other patterns, and was beginning to think I had a very odd body shape because they just didn’t fit very well.  I will try to get pictures of me wearing them when I make the changes.




Why is it I wanted to start a Blog?

I love to start my day with Bloglovin, and check out all the blogs.

After reading them for a couple of months, I thought “I can do this”.  I thought it would be a great, fun way to document our house renos, and my sewing projects.

My first post is about two new babies.  I had a new Grandson come home last week.  I wish I could post a picture of his precious little face, but not allowed.  I also brought home a new sewing baby.  Not sure if it was one of my wisest purchases, but I love it.  It’s a Singer 306K.  I picked it up at the Thrift store for a mere $79.00.  It came in a cabinet (which is in pretty good shape), a stool and lots of feet.  The one thing it doesn’t have is needles, and apparently, this machine takes an odd size needle.  I’ve ordered some off Ebay, so I hope they arrive soon so I can fire this baby up.

I bought the machine because I wanted a good, strong basic machine for topstitching.  This machine is supposed to be like an industrial machine.  The bonus is it takes cams, so it will also do a zigzag.  If I can get more cams, it will also do other decorative stitches.  Anyway, without further ado, here she is!

Singer 306K